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Care Coordination Consultants

Care Coordination Consultants

Our Care Coordination Consulting Services services are made for people or families who are struggling to weigh the different instructions or care plans they may have been provided by their loved one’s care providers. Our goal is to empower clients to live at home as long as possible and our Navigator consulting services engages clients and families to develop a comprehensive plan to enable this.

As needs change, our consultants will continue to work with our clients to help them understand their situation and guide them to ensure they’re following the directions of their care providers. Our consultants will also support client and families to complete necessary paperwork, coordinate services where appropriate and link with allied service providers to optimize our client’s living experience at home.

Experience the Axiom Care Solutions difference

Our Vancouver Healthcare Coordinators are experienced care professionals who are able to use their expertise and experience to help our client and their family through a stressful, and sometimes confusing, situation. Their dedication to client support shines through, particularly when they help clients with:

Interpreting care plans – for many people, reading and following the health care recommendations contained in a typical care plan can be a challenging task. Our Healthcare Coordinators succeed at demystifying the language and simplifying the various activities that may have been recommended.

Consolidating and taking action – after reviewing all of the different plans, our Coordinators will consolidate the recommendations into a single document and use this to help guide our clients and their family, ensuring directions of the doctors or other health care providers are followed safely and as they were intended.

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