Pre or Post Surgery Private Home Care

My business partner received a call the other day from an old colleague who called her first because he trusted her good judgement and compassionate and caring nature.  Her father was scheduled to have a hip replacement surgery in a couple of weeks and while he would have some recovery time in the hospital and … Continued

Possibilities of Private Home Care Services in Burnaby!

While talking to an acquaintance over the weekend, they shared how their uncle who lives in Burnaby receives some public home care support as he has dementia.  However the support he receives is for bathing only, and from the family’s perspective, this is not his only need. They would prefer receiving a different mix of … Continued

The best type of home care in Burnaby!

As a home care company, we have taken significant steps to ensure that in addition to personal or nursing care services, we are helping busy families like yours who are faced with unexpected situations in sorting through confusing healthcare information from different providers and making the right decision for your loved ones.  We can help you … Continued