Reducing Frequent Emergency Department Visits

For many senior adults, visits to the emergency department becomes more common as they age.  From falls to compromised immune systems, or heart attacks or other cardiac events – there are many stories we have all heard about horrendous and taxing experiences from others we know.  Sometimes, seniors or other adults don’t realize the severity … Continued

Caring for Another Human Being is a Privilege

How many times have you heard that “caring for another human being is a privilege, but inside you feel frustrated, alone, and burnt out. You find yourself snapping at your mother after she repeatedly refuses to eat, or she’s forgotten to brush her teeth. You made a promise to your mother that you would love … Continued

Managing heat!

Summer is here!  One of the many pleasures of summer is the ability to go outside and enjoy the fresh air.  It can be a perfect time to take a walk, go to the beach and have a picnic.   But as temperatures rise above normal, it becomes difficult for all to enjoy the sunshine.  Often … Continued

Pre or Post Surgery Private Home Care

My business partner received a call the other day from an old colleague who called her first because he trusted her good judgement and compassionate and caring nature.  Her father was scheduled to have a hip replacement surgery in a couple of weeks and while he would have some recovery time in the hospital and … Continued