About Us

Compassionate and dignified home care services.

At Axiom, we’re like you: concerned daughters, sons, mothers, partners.

Which means that we’re willing to take the time to listen and understand your hopes and needs for your mom or dad.

But we’re also different. Different from other home care companies in a lot of small, but significant ways; ways that matter to you:

We’re great communicators — Communication is a top priority for us, which is why we start every client relationship with deep listening and honest discussion skills: it’s the only way to truly understand your family’s needs. We keep track of this information and use it to plan for more personalized care for your mom or dad. We also employ easy-to-use technology that enables us to connect 24/7 with you and your parents, no matter how far away you are.

We know health care — Our founders, Sheazin and Khairrunnissa, have decades of experience in health care: both in hands-on care delivery and in health care leadership. Which is why we’ve been able to hire great staff and work with them to design a unique client care system from the ground up, using our years of hands-on experience in collaboration with your understanding of what your mom or dad needs.

We focus on the little things…and the big things too — We’re driven by the desire to make a difference in our clients’ quality of life. Which is why we listen to and act on the needs – both big and small – of our clients and families. From helping a client read their favourite newspaper in the morning to ensuring another client’s medication is given on time and appropriately each and every day, we pay attention to details that make a difference.

We’re happy to support your parents’ needs, even as they change — We promote continuity of care…and do our best to deliver it. There’s plenty of research showing the importance of strong, lasting relationships for elderly people needing home care like your mom and dad. So, this continuity isn’t something we take for granted. We work hard at listening – to both our clients and our families – to hear what they truly need and how we can make it happen. The strength of our relationships plays a key role in our care, particularly in cases where we’re supporting our client and family through changing health or cognitive function.

We’re local, like you — Like so many of our clients in Vancouver and across much of the Lower Mainland, we love living here. It’s why we focus on offering our services and delivering on our customer promise every day solely in the Lower Mainland.

Axiom Care Solutions has satisfied a wide variety of families and clients by being able to help them with their specific needs.


Our Co-Founders

Khairrunnissa Rhemtulla
RN, MEd, BScN, BSc
Director of Operation

Khairrunnissa has had a progressive health care career in nursing care and leadership. She began her journey as a neurosciences nurse looking after very complex care needs and supporting families through life changing situations. She continued her journey as an expert in nursing education and recognizes the impact of good nursing care on patient outcomes and ensuring that the health system has qualified and competent care providers. Khairrunnissa’s most recent roles include:

  • Consultant for the College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia to develop case based simulations and other nursing competency assessment tools for internationally educated nurses wanting to practice.
  • Manager for Learning and Development in a large health authority to identify key competencies for RNs, RPNs, LPNs, Health Care Aides, and Mental Health Workers.


Sheazin Premji
MBA Health Services, BSc Bio, BSc Kin
Director of Strategy

Sheazin has over 14 years experience as an accomplished senior healthcare leader in diversified strategic, project and operational roles covering acute and community care services at the regional and provincial levels. She has led numerous health system transformation initiatives. Sheazin has a reputation for achieving outcomes through stakeholder engagement, collaboration, and ensuring system alignment. Sheazin’s most recent roles include:

  • Director of Project Control & Implementation for Lower Mainland Laboratory Services in the Provincial Health Services Authority
  • Provincial Lead for Business Operation at the Provincial Blood Coordinating Office
  • Director of Special Projects at Vancouver General & University of British Columbia hospitals and GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre in Vancouver Coastal Health